Design Ideas

  • Burma Teak Boarded Flooring

    Achieve enduring elegance with Burma Teak boarded Flooring

  • T&G Boarded Wood Flooring

    Create a soothing ambience with Ebony Stain Solid T&G boarded Wood Flooring

  • Solid Wood Parquet Floor

    Add a lasting touch of affordable luxury to your home with Solid Wood Parquet Floor

  • Mosaq Solid Wood Parquet Floor

    Experience the timeless gleam of a plush Mosaq Parquet Floor

  • Herinbor Design Solid Wood Parquet Floor

    Transform your home or commercial spaces with a Herinbor Design Solid Wood Parquet Floor

  • Indoor Solid Wood Deck

    Build a cozy restful atmosphere indoors with Solid Wood Deck

  • Solid Wood Floors

    Almost any colour is a perfect match with Solid Wood Floors

  • Solid Wood Boarded Floor

    Add a touch of contemporary luxury to your sitting room with a Solid Wood boarded Floor

  • Burma Teak Floor with Swedish Water Base

    Enjoy the ever-lasting beauty of a Burma Teak floor with Swedish water base Bona protection

  • Solid Wood Boarded Floor

    Awaken the palpable sense of a larger space with Solid Wood boarded floor

  • Engineered Wood Floor

    Engineered Wood Floors bring an enchanting outlook plus the practical convenience

  • Natural Marble

    Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the charm of Natural Marble

  • Solid Wood Pathway

    Protected by Swedish origin Bona Stain and Traffic coatings, Solid Wood pathways resist wear & tear

  • Solid Wood Pathway

    No traffic is heavy enough to crack or chip Solid Wood Pathways reinforced by Bona Traffic Coatings of Swedish origin

  • Crema Marfil Natural Marble

    Be enchanted with the understated elegance of Crema Marfil Natural Marble

  • Merbau Solid Wood

    Merbau Solid Wood makes ideal material for world-class outdoor decks

  • Out Door Wooden Deck

    Classy outdoor decks that add glamour to your clubhouse

  • Pool Deck

    Build a strong, enthralling Pool deck with walnut water base stain and Bona deck coating

  • Pool Deck

    Adorn your pool with beautifully crafted wooden deck with natural Bona outdoor coatings

  • Burma Teak Staircase

    Modern Burma Teak staircase embodying class & refinement

  • Solid Wood with Natural Colour Variation

    Be captivated by the alluring uniformity of solid wood with natural colour variations

  • Wooden Staircase

    Because we believe you deserve the beautiful and the best even on your staircase.

  • Natural Marble Hall

    Create an enticing ambience in your sitting hall with a Natural Marble Floor

  • Natural Marble and Solid Wood Floor

    Experience the mesmerizing blend of Natural Marble with a solid wood floor.

  • Composite and Wooden Floor

    Composite Work-top that fits perfectly into the wooden floor.

  • Qurella Composite Marble

    Flaunt your refined taste and affluence with Qurella composite Marble Vanity tops.

  • Qurella Composite and Quartz Floor

    Qurella composite buffer counter on quartz floor that truly defines your City hotel restaurant

  • Kitchen out of Italian Qurella Quartz

    Build a truly modern kitchen with Italian Qurella Quartz

  • Travertine Outdoor Floor

    Travertine floors are a smart choice whether it's indoors or outdoors

  • Qurella Composite Floor

    Commercial floors with Qurella composite superbly withstand wear & tear resulting from heavy traffic.

  • Italian Qurella Surface

    Italian Qurella surfaces are a brilliant flooring choice for hotels, shopping malls, airports and residences.

  • Brazilian Oak Sports Floor

    With its extraordinary sturdiness, Brazilian Oak is excellent material for international standard sports floors

  • Merbau Sports Floor

    Count on Merbau for heavy duty indoor commercial sports floors

  • Natural Travertine Hall

    Embellish your sitting hall with a natural Travertine stone

  • Travertine Bathroom Floors and Walls

    Conjure up an enticing ambience in your bathroom with natural Travertine walls & floors

  • Pool Deck with Natural Travertine

    Build a splendid pool deck with natural Travertine pavers.

  • Qurella Composite for Works Top

    Experience the incomparable elegance of Qurella "Gris Serina" Composite laid on work-tops

  • Works top out of Qurella

    Craft impeccable work-tops out of Qurella for high tech Medical labs.

  • Qurella Composite for work tops

    Create strong, lasting work tops with Qurella "Imperial Black" composite