Composite Solutions

Composite solutions

We are proud to have partnered with Santamargherita, a brand that has consolidated undisputed leadership in the composite stone sector thanks to conspicuous investments in sophisticated state-of- the-art technology and through exhaustive research & development efforts.

The Santamargherita products, whether in tiles or slabs, can satisfy every possible surfacing application in the building and interior design sectors. These products can be used to considerable advantage for the execution of large floor areas, for the renovation of existing flooring and as vertical surface coverings.

The Santamargherita products also contain a very high percentage (approximately 95%) of natural stones and a minimum of bonding agents, pigments and special additives. All in all, at Mercantile Fortunes, largely thanks to our prestigious partner- Santamargherita, we provide you world-class Composite Solutions that will literally transform your residential or commercial spaces.

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Composed of natural marble granulate and powder combined with a highly specialized polyester resin our composite marble boasts physical properties similar to those of natural marble, but possesses a multitude of properties and characteristics which outdo natural marble in its static state.

It retains the color of natural marble and its beauty. Practically speaking, marble composite tiles are lighter, however, the hardness is very high, and still very durable. Also, there is less risk of breakage during transportation and installation.

The distinctive contemporary & innovative style of our composite marble collection from Santamargherita adds taste & elegance to your residence or commercial spaces.

Benefits of Composite Marble

  • Greater resistance to stains- Material is less porous and therefore absorbs less water
  • Greater elasticity and lower material fragility
  • Greater compactness
  • More durable
  • Delivers greater colour uniformity

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Quartz has bridged the gap between nature and technology, with surfaces that involve little maintenance. Quartz is a composite stone product, created using a sophisticated production technique that fuses exceptionally high quantities of natural quartz with a specialized bonding agent - the result is a superior material. Our quartz collection from Santamargherita transforms your building spaces and creates an enchanting ambience that is simply beyond compare.

Benefits of Quartz

  • Acid & chemical resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Non Porous
  • Anti Scratch
  • Colour consistent
  • Easy to clean

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