Natural Marble Solutions

Natural Marbles Solutions

Called the flower of the rock on account of its lush beauty and rich array of colors, marble is formed of the core materials of the earth. Ranging from intense colours to lighter tones with copious with veins that are distributed sinuously over the stone, marble boasts striking colour combinations. Used for an eclectic array of beautiful applications from the ancient times, its aesthetic vitality stems from its metamorphic origins.

Marble occurs naturally as the outcome of extreme heat and pressure being put on the Limestone. The splendid crystalline structure of marble allows it to be burnished to a high gloss giving an illusion of depth. This is the more conventional and commonly recognized form of marble and creates an opulent finish as well, for example, the premium bathroom or hallway. Marble is also available in a honed marble finish (matt polish), and tumbled marbles (aged).

An unmistakable symbol of affluence & wealth for centuries oozing sophistication and an air of artistry, marble tiles have always been a choice par excellence.  Forming an integral feature in the Greek and Roman spas of the ancient world to Renaissance courtyards in Europe, all the way to Trump Tower in New York City today, marble has been a much counted-upon natural stone.

Capturing the innate natural beauty of this coveted natural stone, we offer this collection of the highest quality marble tiles covering the whole spectrum of veining, colouring and textures. Incredibly hard, durable and desirable, marble floor tiles are the natural choice for high traffic areas.

Benefits of Natural Marble

Elegant Appearance - Very few flooring materials are as beautiful as marble

Robust & Sturdy - Inherent robustness o f natural marble enables it to survive heavy smashes.

Long life - Marble lasts intact virtually for ages.

Resistant to moisture - Because it doesn’t absorb moisture, it’s pretty easy to clean.

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